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Milla Club in Munich is the home of SAME OLD SONG, because that’s where it all started. But very early on the people of Augsburg discovered the beauty of WIEDERHOLUNG and began to host SOS at Beim Weissen Lamm and Soho Stage. We also enjoyed shows at Lustspielhaus and Nachtkantine, both venues in Munich. Other venues include Brecht Festival (also at Soho Stage) and Die Erste Vertikale, a vertical film festival in Bad Gastein, Austria. The United States premiere of Same Old Song was held at the glorious venue The Basement (where Led Zeppelin played a secret show in 2006).



EPISODE 24    2018 February 9   The Winner Takes It All   Milla Club

EPISODE 23    2017 June 24   These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ The Basement, Nashville TN

EPISODE 22    2017 March 4   Alabama Song  Soho Stage (Brecht Festival, Augsburg)

EPISODE 21    2016 October 15   Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony   Milla Club

EPISODE 20    2016 June 11   Top of the World   Die Erste Vertikale, Bad Gastein

EPISODE 19    2016 May 13   …Baby One More Time   Milla logoSoho Stage

EPISODE 18    2016 April 22   Wind of Change  Nachtkantine

EPISODE 17    2016 March 4   Mackie Messer (Mack the Knife)   Brecht Festival, Soho Stage

EPISODE 16.2    2016 June 11   Purple Rain   Milla Club

EPISODE 16.1    2016 January 30   Purple Rain   Soho Stage

EPISODE 15.1    2015 December 23-24   Stille Nacht (Silent Night)   24 hours!!  Milla Club mit Dim Sclichter.

EPISODE 15.2    2016 December 24   Stille Nacht (Silent Night)   24 hours!!  Radio München / Artist Studio mit Dim Sclichter.

EPISODE 15.3   2017  December 24  Stille Nacht / Silent Night  24 hours! Radio München / Ruffinihaus mit Dim Sclichter.

EPISODE 14    2015 July 25   Happy   Kreisjugendring KiKs Festival, Kongresshalle, Munich

EPISODE 13    2015 October 23   Das Model   Nachtkantine, Munich  nachtkantine-logo

EPISODE 12    2015 May 27   My Way   Soho Stage

soho-logoEPISODE 11   2015 March 28   Total Eclipse of the Heart   Milla Club

EPISODE 10   2015 Januar 24   Light My Fire   Milla Club

EPISODE  9   2014 October 03   Come Together (on the Day of German Unity)  Soho Stage

EPISODE  8    2014 September 6   Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds   Lustspielhaus, Munichlustspielhaus-logo

EPISODE  7    2014 June 27  I Will Survive   Milla Club

EPISODE  6    2014 March 7   Walk on the Wild Side   Milla Club

EPISODE  5    2013 December 5  The Final Countdown   Milla Club

EPISODE  4    2013 September 27   Billie Jean  Milla Club

EPISODE  3.2    2016 September 30   99 Luftballons   Soho Stage

EPISODE  3.1    2013 July 19   99 Luftballons   Milla Club

EPISODE  2.2   2013 October 16   Smells Like Teen Spirit   Beim Weissen Lamm, Augsburg

EPISODE  2.1   2013 May 3   Smells Like Teen Spirit   Milla Club

EPISODE   1    2013 February 13     Stairway to Heaven   Milla Club



La Repetition Club ORIG

La Repetition Club, discovered in Thuellin France

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