Episode 1: “Stairway to Heaven”

For the first episode of SAME OLD SONG we went directly to the most compelling pop song in recording history. Led Zeppelin never officially released the song as a single, but it has managed to become an über-classic, inspiring countless musicians. The complexity of the song’s structure and lyrics make it probably the best choice for SAME OLD SONG, such that all other songs will pale in comparison. But that’s not going to stop us.


Sir Henry  — Outrageous keyboard
Stefan Noelle + Mischa Metzger  –  Guitar duo with vocals
Monaco Bagage — Twisted Bavarian
Azhar Kamal – Jimmy Page-ism
El Zitheracchi – Magical zither
Gurdan Thomas —  Helicon (Tuba) + Ukeleles
Toshi –  Japanese karaoke
Boris Ruge – Bodacious Blues
Andrea Regenauer – Harp
JJ Jones + The Precious Stones — Rolling Stones mashup
O-Lee  –  Rockabilly standup bass

Great photos from Milla Club’s Valentin Brandes HERE

Himmelsleiter sign

Close to Villa Waldberta, there is actually a path down to the Starnburger Lake that can be translated to “Stairway to Heaven” (skyway? whatever!)

Himmelsleiter stairs snow

Looking up the Himmelsleiter near Villa Waldberta


Original flyer based on jukebox labels theme, which most people don’t seem to understand these days. Jukeboxes weren’t big in Germany and haven’t existed for a long time now…


Original flyer (back). TMI ??  “Eine Nacht…” in German, but it has since evolved into English: One Song. All Night Long.

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