Episode 16: “Purple Rain”

Purple Rain written by Prince, originally released by Prince and the Revolution in 1984.
Show on 20 January 2016, Soho Stage (Augsburg)



Nonti-Edlrost-Purple Rain
Inspired by the Edlrost performance, Nontira Kigle of Nonti Illustration & Design whipped up a wonderful sketch to commemorate the evening. Thanks, Nonti!! (She also performed a version of Smells Like Teen Spirit at the first Augsburg Episode at Weissen Lamm).


JJ never meant to cause you any sorrow, but his costume may have brought some to tears. Zum Gluck, there are no good photos – only a suggestive sketch by Nonti.
Prince’s passionate hymn was a very long song (8:42), but the 3 hours required
for 9 Versions flew by like a crying dove.

Soho Isabell Muensch.JPG

Isabell Münsch and accompanist during soundcheck

O-Lee Purple Rain Backstage.JPG

O-Lee from Red Back Spyders backstage


INTERPRETING ARTISTS (15 total, not including JJ) (not all names were provided)

Videos of most performances can be found at the Vimeo page HERE.

RedBack.png  Red Back Spyders Rockabilly WEBSITE

Isabell.png  Isabell Münsch Sopranistin, mit monochord, rainstick und udu  WEBSITE

Kochs.png  Christofer Kochs Mufuti four – Soul, loop maschine  WEBSITE

Toni-Bihler.png  Ranschburg-Phänomen Strings and Keys (Toni Bihler + Benni D)  WEBSITE

Ruepel.png  Die Rüpel Electropunkschlager (Ron @Died + Alois Führbauer)  WEBSITE

Hai-land.png  Hai-Land (Pop, Saz-Massaker) (Dieter + Cajon Man)  WEBSITE

Edlrost.png  Edlrost (Jodelfunk) (Miene Costa, Johann Bengen, JJ Jones)  WEBSITE

and ….   Alice (spontaneous audience participation Version to the tune of Fever)

…and the sound technical talents of  STRASSI and MARKUS MEHR

Soho Purple Prep.JPG

Prepping the Soho Stage. (Notice the purple-covered column and “P” on back wall).


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