Episode 2.1: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Beim Weissen Lamm, Augsburg

The university town of Augsburg proved to be a great place for youthful inspiration. Of the 10 acts, three of them were full bands with at least 5 musicians, who worked up some very groovy, rocking, loungey interpretations that thrilled the crowd.

MILESTONE: For the first time at a SAME OLD SONG event, I asked some of the acts (beginning with the first performance by the funk band Soul’d) to REPEAT their performance. This happened three times in the evening, to the delight of the audience.

 16 October 2013
Beim Weissen Lamm, Augsburg, Germany
Facebook Event

Smells Like Teen Spirit
(written by Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselić, originally recorded by Nirvana, 1991)


Soul’d  –  6-piece funk band with sultry female lead vocals
Nonti & Hercules   –  Soft and sexy female solo with ukelele (whose name is Hercules)
Monsters of Grunge  –  Insane cross-dressing Cobain tribute, complete with smoking and swearing
JJ Jones   –  Sergeant Cheerleader, leading crowd in military drill, then cheering for “P-U-N-K”
Lua  –  New collaboration of two female singer/songwriters with sultry harmonies
O-Lee  –  Solo stand-up Rockabilly bass
Adulescens  –  Loungey, grungey, rocky interpretation by 5-piece band
Valo  –  Brother-sister act with jazzy keyboard and female vocals
JJ Jones & The Precious Stones  –  Satisfaction meets Teen Spirit, a generational anthem mashup
About an Author  –  Punky grunge slam-dancing tribute with a very heavy baseline.


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