Episode 3: “99 Luftballons”

When we said “all night long,” we really meant it this time! 15 versions of the 1983 world hit from Nena, written by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Peterson and Carlo Karges. (One of the few hits to chart in the Top Ten in the USA in the German language).


Die Dirndlettes (Franziska Eimer + Andrea Regenauer)  –  Harp duo
JJ Jones + Sir Henry  –  Marlene Dietrich song mashup
Metzger + Bogdahn + Wagner  –  Children’s zither in French
Andreas Dänel + Martin Deubel  –  Violin duo with tap dancing
Amelia  –  Childlike disobedience
Robert Hoffmann  –  Political speech
Karger Höricht & Falk  –  Experimental jazz trio
Sir Henry  –  Crazy organ
Boris Ruge + O-Lee  –  Nutty blues
JJ Jones  –  Soldier in the Human Snow Globe
Daniel Huber + Michi Ponvert  –  Accordion duo
Monaco Bagage  –  Experimental Bavarian
Toshi  –  Improvised Japanese Poetry version
Titus Waldenfels  –  One-man band with e-guitar and effects   VIDEO
Monaco Hansi and the Original Deep Beat Hard Rock Bavarian Orchestra  –  Experimental Bavarian deconstructionism  VIDEO
Andrea Pancur + Hamburger Klezmer  –  Outrageous klezmer  VIDEO

SOS 99LB Front

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