Silent Night / Stille Nacht 2016 Live from Artist Studio, broadcast on Radio München

Silent night… well, not really. More like 24 hours of creativity and bliss. There might have been some dead air, but that wasn’t intended. SOS Stille Nacht was not going to happen in 2016 for various reasons, but Radio München and Artist Studio came through to support the show and JJ and Dim Sclichter made it happen. Cozy in the studio in downtown Munich, with some wonderful friends and family to keep them warm, JJ and Dim hosted another round of the greatest Christmas song ever written.


Flyer 2016

SOS Stille Nacht 2016 in numbers

24 Dec 2016, 00:00-24:00 on Radio München (live from Artist Studio 12:00-24:00)
Approx. 280 total different versions, including first 12 hrs replayed from 2015 show
151 Versions in 12 hours broadcast live from studio in 2016.

NEW VERSIONS for 2016 listed alphabetically by artist name. (For a complete list of versions played, see Complete Listing 2016).

15:23 Acoustix
12:20 Adam Finchler & Anne-Katrine Hansen Silent Night Subway
19:20 Adam Finchler & Anne-Katrine Hansen Super Silent Night
20:15 Bernie Savant Experience
15:15 Die Rüpel Can’t Sleep in Heavenly Peace
19:35 Frank Zapata & Boris Ruge
21:00 JJ Jones and Dim Sclichter
20:48 Johann Bengen
19:15 Johann Rückel Stille Nacht Outerspace
21:15 Jonathan Uhmann & Talitha Mehnle
14:49 Karin Kraft Stille Nacht vs Enya
17:00 Lilly3,50 Still-die Kosmonauten Nacht
17:00 Lilly3,50 Stil-lil-lil-lil-e Nacht
17:00 Lilly3,50 Ha Ha Hesuz
17:00 Lilly3,50 Der Besondere Vortrag
17:00 Lilly3,50 Stille quanti Nacht
13:30 Mandy Schenk
13:50 Michaila Kühnemann
18:21 Mr. King Stille Nacht mit Blasius Muhacki
12:00 Peter Lang Stille Nacht (chinesisch)
18:03 Peter Lang Stille Nacht (ungarisch)
19:10 Peter Lang Stille Nacht (mundharmonika)
23:56 Peter Lang Stille Nacht (Horn)


16:00 Stephan Kohnle  

Other contributions included a special historical reading from Karin Sommer (Villa Waldberta International Artist Residence), the “Virginia Story” from Stephan Kohnle, and a vinyl intervention from Maoz Barda of Maoz Vinyl and Kaffee. Very special thanks to Peter Lang’s Artist Studio and Eva Schmidt and the crew at Radio München.


Frank Zapata and JJ



Katl and William came to visit


Jonathan and Talitha perform. Arthur looks on.


Mandy Schenk and her handsome megaphone holder


Dim and his young music students


The Savant Kids perform


Michaila Kühnemann performance


Peter Lang connecting the studio to Radio München

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