The Artists

Künstler is what we like to call them in German – those who make the art. They are the generous and inventive spirits who make Same Old Song possible, lending their creative gifts to the community for a night of serious silliness and experimental musicality. One of the great results of the project has been the joy with which the artists offer their interpretations, many of which are first-time collaborations.

At least 218* artists have been involved so far in interpreting the Same Old Song shows. The number at the end indicates which episode(s) they have participated in.
(Some artists have provided links to their websites. Simply click on the name).

FIRST BUT NOT LEAST:  One of the most important aspects of our shows is the sound technician! In our case, one man has been responsible for setting up, checking sound, and running the board for the show.  Hurray and thanks to Samuel Dalferth of Milla Club Munich…. and then came Nils Beck! We are growing, and we need a stage manager. Nils is amazing when it comes to setting up for the next group so that Sam can work the board.

A very special thanks to our house DJ, the brilliant Der Kaiser von Doo Dah, who plays the weirdest and most wonderful, danceable covers of any DJ I know.

Doo Dah



Amelia  –  Vox/tap dance with her parents (3)(6)
Alexander Maschke  –   Violin with David Reichelt, Andreas Hornig, Dominik Giesriegl (5)
Andrea Pancur –  with Hamburger Klezmer  (3); with Ilya Shneyveys, guitar (5); as conductor of Münchener Kneipenchor (6); solo poetry (7)
Andrea Regenauer – Harp  (1)(2)(3)
Andreas Dänel –  Violin duo / tap dancing with
 Dänel + Deubel (3)
Andreas Hirth – Singende säge with They Saw (6)
Andreas Hornig
– Bass with David Reichelt, Alexander Maschke, Dominik Giesriegl (5)
Andreas Höricht – Viola++ with Karger Höricht & Falk (3)(4)
Andy Arnold – with The Monaco Bagage (1)(3)
Anke Kortemeier – Vox with Hanankoli (7)
Astrid Steinbeisser – Style artist with They Saw (6)
AuriSound – Vox with Frank Zapata (6); solo (7); with Electrolandler and solo (8)
Azhar Kamal – Double-neck e-guitar (1); with Bastian Jütte (5)
Azeez  –  Vox / performance (4)
Bastian Jütte  –  Drums with Azahr Kamal (5)
Bernard Savant – Vox with Clio, Winter Puchert(7)
BIGBAND DACHAU – (18 people)
Bjorn Eichelbaum – Vox / Performance with Schwarz, Braun, und die Haselnuss (2)
Boris Ruge (Frank Zapata) – Guitar (1)(2)(3)(7)
Bright  –  Vox / performance (4)
Christian Marschal – Violin, with Eimer, Regenauer, Gafoohr  (2)
; solo pre-show busker (6)
Christopher – Piano with Viktor Bergmann (6)
– Vox/performance with Bernard Savant, Winter Puchert (7)
CONNECTONES (Isabelle Soulas, Sarah Weinbeer, Gesa Harms, Nina Zedler, Jenny Stölken, Maria Friedrich, Victoria Real) – Crossover ensemble (7)
Daniel Huber–  Accordion with Michi Ponvert (3)
David Reichelt – Sax with Andreas Hornig, Alexander Maschke, Dominik Giesriegl (5)
DER CHOR (Leitung, Arrangement: Auður Jónsdóttir) – 18 women choir
with choreography
(Dr. Lisa Reuter, Chorleiterin) – 36 participating singers!
DIE DIRNDLETTES (Franziska Eimer, Andrea Regenauer)  –  Harp duo (2)(3)
Dim Sclichter – Percussion, band leader with Halluzinations Kompanee (4), as Der Kaiser von Doo Dah presents the Hulla Baloo Big Band (7)
Dominik Giesriegl –   Guitar with Alexander Maschke, David Reichelt, Andreas Hornig (5)
El Zitheracchi – Zither  (1)
ELECTROJAZZSCHLAGER (Ron, Ray, Alois) -Beats and keyboards (7)
Electrolandler (Lorenz Beyer) – Playback, vox (5)(6)(7)
Felix “Rubin” Kratzer (JJ Jones & The Precious Stones) – Drums (1)(2)(7)
FIRST TRY (Nils Beck + Joanna Solarska) – Lounge groove
Florian Sprenger – E-guitar with They Saw (6)
Frank Zapata (Boris Ruge) – Blues guitar (1)(2)(3)(5)(7); with Aurisound (6);
Franziska Eimer – Harp with Die Dirndlettes (2); with Harpedelic (3)(4)(5)(6)
Georg Karger – Viola da gamba++ with Karger Höricht & Falk (3), double bass (4)
Gerd Baumann – Guitar with Wolfgang Gleixner and Martina Koppelstetter (5)
Gesa Harms – with Connectones (7)
Giorgios Lappas (Alpha Cut) – Hairstylist for JJ (5)
GURDAN THOMAS (Ian Chapman, Regina Wüst, Sandra Hollstein) – Experimental world music (1)(2)
HALLUZINATIONS KOMPANEE (Dim Sclichter, student group)  –  Performance percussion (4)
HAMBURGER KLEZMER (with Andrea Pancur)  –  Nouveau-klezmer  (3)

HANANKOLI (Hanna Henigin, Oli Kortemeier, Anke Kortemeier) – Folk/pop guitar and piano (7)
Hanna Henigin – Guitar/vox with Tilmann Schüpfer (6); vox with Hanankoli (7)
HARPEDELIC (Franziska Eimer + JJ Jones) – Harp + vox (4)(5)(6)
HEAVENLY SISTERS OF THE HOLY GRAIL FEAT. THE SURVIVING GAYNORS (Karin Kraft, Nina Himmelreich, Manuela Himmelreich, Dim Sclichter) – Vox harmonies, guitar, drums (7)
HIMMELREICH (in various configurations of family members Markus, Nina, Manuela, Julie) – Various instruments, playback (pure nuttiness) (5)(7)
HULLA BALOO BIG BAND (Der Kaiser von Doo Dah presents)
(Dim Sclichter + 5 Hulla Baloos) (7)
Ian Chapman –  Tubas, Ukeleles++ with Gurdan Thomas (1)(2)
Ilya Schneyveys – Accordion with Andrea Pancur (5); pre-gig solo busker (7)
Isabelle Soulas (Connectones)  –  Crossover Chamber Music Ensemble (7)
Jan van Meerendonk – Percussion with Bigband Dachau (5)
Jenny Stölkin
– with Connectones (7)
Johann Bengen  
–  Multiple instruments, vox with Monaco Bagage (1)(3)(4); with Miene Costa, JJ (5)
Julie Himmelreich – Vox, with Himmelreich (7)
KARGER HÖRICHT & FALK (Georg Karger, Höricht, Marika Falk) –  Experimental jazz trio (3)(4)
Karin Kraft – Vox with Heavenly Sisters… (7)
Lana Ghafoor
– Vox with Dirndlettes (2)
leo&björn –  Performance video/sound art with Toshi (2)
Manuela Himmelreich – Vox, performance with Himmelreich (7); with Heavenly Sisters (7)
Maria Hafner  –  Accordion with Matthias Götz (2); with Monaco Hansi and the Original Deep Beat Hard Rock Bavarian Orchestra (3)
Mark “Diamond” Kuntz – Guitars with JJ Jones & The Precious Stones (1)(2)(7)
Markus Himmelreich – Vox, performance with Halluzinations Kompanie(4);with Himmelreich(5)(7)
Maria Friedrich – with Connectones (7)
Marian Wiesner
– Didgeridoo with Ollinger (6)
Marika Falk
– Percussion Karger Höricht (3)(4)
Martin Deubel –  Vox, guitar with Dänel und Deubel (3); with The Monaco Bagage (1)
Martin Pflanzer – Guitar / performance (7)
Martina Bogdahn  –  Zither with Metzger Bogdahn Wagner (3)
Martina Koppelstetter – Vox with Gerd Baumann and Wolfgang Gleixner (5)
Matthias Götz  –  Accordion, trumpet, vox with Maria Hafner (2)
Matthias Grueneisl – Vox with Good Old Montana Suckerboys (7)
Matthias Lettner – Vox with They Saw (6)
Michi Ponvert  –  Accordion with Daniel Huber (3)
Miene Costa –  Tuba, vox, laughing with Monaco Bagage  (1)(3)(4); with Johann Bengen, JJ (5)
Mischa Metzger – Guitar, vox with Metzger Bogdahn Wagner (3); with Stefan Noelle (1)(3)
Nina Himmelreich – Vox with Himmelreich (5)(7); with Heavenly Sisters… (7)
Nina Zedler – with Connectones (7)
Nils Beck
– Cajon, vox with First Try (5); with Second Try (6)
–  Rockabilly standup bass  (1, 2, 3)
Oli Kortemeier – Piano with Hanankoli (7)
Oliver van Meerendonk – Guitar, banjo with Bigband Dachau (5); with Ollinger and Band (6)
OLLINGER AND BAND (Verena Seibt, Marian Wiesner, Oliver van Meerendonk) – Didgeridoo, banjo, vox (6)
Regine Wüst  – Tuba-like horn! with Gurdan Thomas (1); with The Band With No Name (2)
Robert Hoffmann  –  Political speech  (3)
Sandra Hollstein   –   Piano + vox with Gurdan Thomas (1)(2); solo (5)
Sarah Weinbeer – with Connectones (7)
Silky Shy
(Joanna Solarska) – Vox + electronic, with First Try (5); with Second Try (6), solo (7),
Sir Henry  –  Keyboards (1)(3)(5)(7)
SCHWARZ, BRAUN & DIE HASELNUSS (Björn Eichelbaum, Thorsten Rock) –  Heino performance, playback, guitars (2)(5)
SECOND TRY WITH THURSDAY SESSIONS (Nils Beck, Joanna Solarska , Philipp Negele) – improv guitar, vox, cajon (6)
SONS OF MICHAEL (Azeez, William, and Bright) – Vox / acapella trio + performance (4)
Stefan Noelle – Guitar, vox w. Mischa Metzger (1)
THE COLOUR GIRLS (Max + Jeff) – Cross-dressing intervention performance (6)
THE FINAL CHANTDOWN (Miene Costa, Johann Bengen, JJ Jones)  –  Bach-inspired a capella chant
THE GOOD OLD MONTANA SUCKERBOYS (Matthias Grueneisl + Boys) – Discometal (7)
THE MONACO BAGAGE (Miene Costa, Johann Bengen, Martin Deubel, Andy Arnold)  –  Music cabaret (1, 3, 4)
THE PRECIOUS STONES (JJ Jones & The…) (with Mark “Diamond” Kuntz, Felix “Rubin” Kratzer) – Song lyrics on Stones melodies (1)(2)(6)(7)
THEY SAW (Matthias Lettner, Andreas Hirth, Florian Sprenger, Astrid Steinbeisser) – E-gitarre, singende säge, vox, styling performance (6)
Thorsten Rock
 –  E-guitar with Schwarz, Braun & Die Haselnuss (2)
Tilmann Schüpfer –  Guitar, vox with Hanna Henigin (6)
Titus Waldenfels  
–  One-man band with e-guitar and effects (3)(7)
Toshi  –  Japanese karaoke  (1)(3); with leo&björn (2)
Verena Seibt – Vox with Ollinger and Band (6)
Victoria Real
– Vox with Connectones (7)
Viktor Bergmann
– Vox / performance with Christopher (6)
Wagner – with Metzger Bogdahn Wagner (3)
William  –  Vox / performance (4)
Winter Puchert – Vox with Bernard Savant, Clio (7)
Wolfgang Gleixner
– Guitar with Gerd Baumann and Martina Koppelstetter (5)
Wolfgang Roth – Sax with Zuckervogel, also with Hulla Baloo Big Band (7)
Zuckervogel  – E-guitar (4), with Wolfgang Roth (7)


Also in the SOS Family: Augsburg venue Beim Weisen Lamm (2): 10 versions, 25 artists


(1) Stairway to Heaven (11 versions)
(2) Smells Like Teen Spirit
(9 versions)
(3) 99 Luftballons
(16 versions)
(4) Billie Jean
(7 versions)
(5) The Final Countdown
(15 versions)
(6) Walk on the Wild Side
(14 versions)
(7) I Will Survive (21 versions)
(8) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 
(23 versions)
(9) Come Together (9 versions)
(10) Light My Fire (19 versions)
(11) Total Eclipse of the Heart (14 versions)
(12) My Way (9 versions)
(13) Happy (11 versions)
(14) Das Model
(15) Stille Nacht


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