The Songs

Once upon a time, there was no recorded music. But then, suddenly, the world was dominated by pop radio. We grew to love so many songs, and then we grew to hate them. Now we might love them again, but we won’t admit it. The best way to secretly enjoy the songs we’ve grown to hate is to listen to endless live interpretations of them together with a group of close friends. It really works!

Choosing a song for SAME OLD SONG is never easy. The song needs the right mix of memorable melody and the proper percentage of people who never want to hear the tune again for the rest of their lives.

Upon selecting “99 Luftballons,” for example, most of the German musicians I consulted with begged me not to take that song. It was boring, musically unsophisticated, childish, from the 80s, and so on.  But 14 bands showed up to offer an incredible variety of interpretations and everyone had a great time rediscovering a song they thought they despised.  SUCCESS!!

Among the songs I hope NEVER to select:
New York, New York

Do you have any suggestions?

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